About eHANG

EHANG, Inc. is a technological innovation company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent aerial vehicles. EHANG’s user-friendly GHOSTDRONE with intuitive app-control, AVATAR tilt mode and immersive aerial-filming experience with VR goggles bring the joy of flying to the masses. In January 2016, EHANG launched “EHANG 184”, a safe, smart and eco-friendly autonomous aerial vehicle to provide short-to-medium distance communication and transportation solution. As the new era of intelligence is coming, EHANG will strive to show the power of “Made by EHANG, Created in China” to the world.


Easier fly control

More intuitive, intelligent scheduling management

More cost-effective, can be universalized equipment

More flexible integration into the existing information systems


Ground dispatching system

Cluster operation, single person can control multiple aircrafts

Real-time monitoring of each aircraft’s state

The system works based on  unique communication system to make the communication arrival rate more higher and farther.

Open platform

Open SDK, easy to customize.
Open interfaces, data integration, remote scheduling and takeover

Falcon B Series

High automation, large load, diversified control interface, fast structure connection.

Ghostdrone 2.0 X Series

Single person can carry, rapid response, on-site real-time monitoring Sync-flight Management.

eHANG 184

The Safest, Smartest and Eco-Friendly low altitude Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV), aiming on providing Medium-Short Distance communication and transportation solution.


High automation, large load commercial drone

Ehang Falcon


Rapid response, lightweight drone

Ghostdrone 2.0

Call DPD Drone Division on +44 (0) 1909 532724 for more information on the latest eHANG innovations and for a test flight.